Dewa Mandala Round Woven Bag

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  • Dewa Mandala Round Woven Bag
  • Dewa Mandala Round Woven Bag
  • Dewa Mandala Round Woven Bag

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Get in on the basket bag trend. They no longer belong only at the beach or at picnics. These cute bags are perfect for an upcoming vacation or balmy weekend on our sunny isle.

Each of these woven bags are handmade by artisans of the Tenganan region in Bali. The unique skills and techniques has been passed down and perfected over many generations of Balinese women who work out of their homes. After the bags are woven, they are dried under the sun for several days and then smoked over a coconut husk fire. The warm golden honey color of the Ata grass develops naturally as a result. It can take up to a month to finish each bag. This process leaves behind a pleasant smoky scent, an indication of their authenticity. 

- Leather clasp closure
- Quality ata grass weave
- Batik fabric lining (pattern/colour varies)

  • Measurements
  • Details
    • Diameter 20cm
      Depth 6.5cm


    • - Lined with batik fabric

  • Slight irregularities in the bag body/leather straps can occur due to the hand-made process and material used. Variations can include colour tone, and finish of product due to the reeds used. Straps are dyed and tanned manually as well, stains may occur in the tanning process. 

    Bag Care
    The bags themselves should not need any maintenance if kept under normal circumstances as the grass is treated and is moisture resistant and durable. If the bag gets soiled, please spot clean with water.

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