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Summer Essentials We're Keeping Through The Seasons

September 19, 2019

Summer Essentials We're Keeping Through The Seasons

Saying goodbye to summer is hard. Trust us, we're still not ready to part ways with our favourite breezy linen pieces and flowy dresses that make us feel all kinds of wonderful. As much as we would like to hold on to these summer essentials forever (and to bring them to every tropical vacation we'll be embarking on for the rest of our lives), we can't. Seasons change and colder weathers call for a different approach to dressing. Not to mention the endless slew of dinner parties that the end of the year festivities will bring.

Which brings us to our next question ... is festive summer dressing a thing? Possibly. And we're here to make our case for it. In an attempt to keep all our favourite summer must-haves in our closet for the remainder of the year, even all through the Christmas festivities, we've come up with some outfits that could help with the summer to fall transition. 


Summer To Fall Outfit #1

 A square neckline is endlessly sophisticated and also very on-trend. It adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your outfit
that seems like it could be worn with anything, and for anywhere. Not just your typical summer dress, the
Freedom Button Front Midi is one that we'll be keeping all through the year.

To make this better suited for social gatherings that typically happen more often at the end of the year,
we'll swap out the strappy sandals for something more heeled and elevated. You could choose to keep your woven
basket bag or grab a clutch if you're heading somewhere fancier.

Summer To Fall Outfit #2

 A wrap dress is always a good idea. Putting our summer spin on the classic silhouette, we've thrown in a heavy
dosage of tropical prints and functional wooden buttons. If you're wearing the Ripple Double Button Wrap Dress
for summer, don't be afraid to bust out the big ol' sun hat and woven sandals to achieve maximum beach babe vibes.

To make this autumn appropriate, we would ditch the sun hats and woven shenanigans, and opt for sneakers with a
tote instead. If you're someone who gravitates towards the darker side (of colours), the white on black polka dot
might just be your cup of tea.


Summer To Fall Outfit #3

Perfect together and apart, these will be the pairings you will keep reaching for regardless of the season. This summer,
we brought in scallop hemlines because of how cute they can make your outfit look. A simple detail that can
completely elevate your look, it's hard to say goodbye to scallops so quickly.

A simple top like the Crest Buttoned Top is made unique with scalloped edges and the beautiful wooden buttons.
To wear them through the year, we suggest swapping out vibrant colours for duller and more neutral shades.
Easy fabrics like denim and knits will also work. A versatile piece like the Shore Button Front Skirt will go with almost
anything in your closet. And the best part? The pockets are both functional and pretty.


Who knows? Maybe if we try hard enough, we can wear summer dresses for the rest of our lives. They're breezy, dangerously comfortable, and also so so versatile. Let us know if you're a summer lover like us, or if you can't wait for the colder seasons to come! As usual, tag us on Instagram with #StyleAWD if you're trying any of these outfits out for yourself. 

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