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It's Knot That Hard - Wearing abode 3 ways

July 26, 2019

It's Knot That Hard - Wearing abode 3 ways

A versatile jumpsuit works all year round. A solution for days you want to feel dressier with a lot less effort, a sleek one-piece is all you need. The Abode Wrap Round Linen Jumpsuit is made for summer holidays, tropical getaways, and days where being on vacation is out of the question so you dress the part to feel like you're already there. 

Crafted from cotton linen, the absolute breeziest and comfiest material to wear under this sweltering heat, Abode has a wrap-it-yourself bodice that provides an illusion of a top and pants set when really, it's just one whole jumpsuit. See how fuss-free your mornings can be? Below, we've rounded up some of our favourite ways you can wrap your jumpsuit. 



 The Perfect Front Wrap


The front wrap is the easiest to achieve if you're in a rush. Wear it as a ribbon or as a knot, pulling the
straps around your back and to the front again is the simplest way to create an illusion of a cinched waist.
It also helps that no acrobatic prowess is required to get a decent ribbon tied (if you have clumsy hands
like me, this easy breezy wrap is made for us).


 party in the back

The back wrap is just as easy as the front, but it does require a little more patience. Getting a ribbon tied
perfectly with your arms stretched out backward isn't the easiest thing to do when you're in a rush on a lazy
Monday morning, but having an extra pair of hands to help you will move things along quicker.

We love the back wrap because of how simple and chic it keeps the front. Leaving all the details to the back, the
illusion of a wrap top and wide-legged pants really comes through with this. 


beach days in the summer heat

This wrap is absolutely gorgeous for sunny days out and about, casual picnics, and spontaneous trips to the beach.
Almost as simple as the front wrap, all you have to do is bring the two straps on your side and tie it into a big bow on the front.
Even though this wrap does show a little more skin than those above, it is still super flattering for your décolletage and waist.
If you're looking to cover up, wear a tube underneath the top to add a new dimension to the jumpsuit.

How perfect would this be for a summer vacay? 


Try these wraps out for yourself and don't forget to tag #styleAWD on Instagram if you’re loving them just as much as we are. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to share a new and unique way we can wrap this jumpsuit. #sunnyandwelldressed

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