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A Good Fit: Dressing Better For Your Body Shape

October 01, 2019

A Good Fit: Dressing Better For Your Body Shape

We all love clothes that fit well and look flattering, yet some of us are often unsure about choosing pieces that look best for our body type. Ever get that feeling when a cute dress gets too loose or snug at places they shouldn't be? Us too. A simple way to avoid that from happening again would be to identify your body shape against a rough guide, and to learn how to dress for your own unique curves.

We're all different shapes and that's cool. Learning the dos and don'ts of your body shape can elevate your style. We've compiled some of our favourite ways to dress for every shape so here's a easy and fun guide to dressing better for yourself because nothing looks better than confidence.


#1 Rectangular "Banana" 
Your shoulders, bust and hips have around the same proportions, with no dip in the waistline and a slender frame.

Your best friends will be ruffles, bows and embellishments. They can help to balance out the proportions of your body
while adding some natural weight and flow to your lower half. Remember, dressing for your body type isn't about hiding
underneath the layers, but it's about working with what you have and emphasizing on the beauty of you.


#2 Triangle “Pear"
Your hips are wider than your shoulders, with a natural waistline.

Fitted skirts and dresses that flare out after the waist will look beautiful on you. Find items that are similar to Coast,
a fitted form on the top with a flared bottom to draw attention away from your hips and towards your waist instead. 


#3 Hourglass "Double Cherry"
Your shoulders, bust and hips are around the same size, with a very defined waistline.

The body ratio allows you to play around with different silhouettes easily. Even so, wrap tops and

dresses like the silhouette of the Ripple Wrap Dress, will look best on you,
as they accentuate your waist and enhance your curves. 



#4 Inverted Triangle "Strawberry"
Your shoulders or bust is larger than your hips.

Go for flared bottom styles and fitted jackets. A peplum top like Carnival will look flattering on you too because of
how the flares create the illusion of a more voluminous lower half. If you find that your shoulders are a little on the
broader side, don't be afraid to play around with sleeves! Lucky for you, puff sleeves aren't going out of style
any time soon and they will look perfect on you. Just don't forget to add some flare to your lower half to have
a more seamless look.



Ultimately, fashion is a form of self expression and there is no hard and fast rule. Looking and feeling good in the clothes you wear equals confidence, which is the best thing you can bring to an outfit. Share with us your favourite hacks and show us your style on Instagram with #StyleAWD.

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