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9 reasons to add red and pink into your weekend ensemble

August 08, 2019

9 reasons to add red and pink into your weekend ensemble

If you're heading out this weekend, you might notice that the streets are coloured with a little more than just a tiny splash of red. It's the National Day weekend and for all our friends across the Atlantic, National Day is the one day we celebrate our tiny island's independence as its own country. Red and white are the two colours used in decorations and memorabilia so it won't be surprising to see Singaporeans walking the streets in their own renditions of red and white ensembles. For the special few, pink is also part of the equation.

If you're feeling extra patriotic this weekend, but donning a full red and white outfit isn't within your comfort zone, fret not because we've rounded up the best of red and pink to help tide you over this weekend. Before you decide on what to get, don't forget to catch the beautiful fireworks display this weekend, hang your flag, and indulge in some nostalgic Singaporean goodies! 

sun up to sun down
When it comes to office wear, the last thing you want to do is to look like a walking disco ball.
To keep the reds and pinks alive while still maintaining understated chic and elegance, we suggest opting for classic
mid-length silhouettes. As for colours, muted pinks and darker reds can help ease you
into a full red or pink ensemble.


afternoon luncheons and brunch
Kick back this long weekend and grab a couple of your friends for a well-deserved afternoon brunch date.
Stay breezy for a sunny afternoon in above-the-knee ensembles. If the weather feels great for a picnic,
a gingham dress like Roam will never go wrong.

a quiet evening out
As easy as putting on a bold red lip, a red dress for a night out can completely lift your mood just as well.
Fiery and intense, reds are perfect for dressy nights out without all the effort. If you're feeling dress fatigue (yes, wearing
too many dresses can get tiring sometimes) and want some simple separates that go perfectly together,
we recommend red and pink.

To be more in line with national day, don't be afraid to swap out 
the pink for white,
or to accessorize with subtle white-silver earrings and cuffs.



Get reacquainted with red this national holiday and who knows, this fiery colour could be a staple in your wardrobe. Try these outfits out for yourself and don't forget to tag #styleAWD on Instagram if you agree that red and pink together are a match made in fashion heaven. 

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