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A love letter to scallop hems: We've missed you

August 23, 2019

A love letter to scallop hems: We've missed you

Made for idle beach days and lazy afternoons spent lounging indoors, Catching Waves sees its first glimpse of scallop curve hems on breezy linens in soft colours. It's hard to ignore how easy a scalloped hem can elevate a classic silhouette. Injecting a refreshing spin on classic pieces, we added scallop curve hems to help reimagine them for summer.

We started with timeless button front skirts (don’t overlook the functional wooden buttons), shift dresses that come in all kinds of day-to-night transition friendly shades, and loose-fitting tops that were made for living breezily in the summer heat. We snuck a few scallop hem details in places like along the neckline, and on the tips of pockets. These are cheeky little details that make scallop curve hems the quirky breath of fresh air we all need in our new summer uniform. You can try to deny it but it’s the truth, scallop hems are really fun to wear. Period.

from left to right: Reflection Scalloped Neckline DressSoleil Scalloped Neckline Top / Shore Scalloped Pockets Linen Skirt


Why pick just 1 when you can have all 3? It’s time for a new summer uniform and we’re betting all in for scallops. In case you missed it, we’ve stocked only the newest goodies up on site and at our shophouse. If you haven’t already, pop by our Instagram to get updated on the latest happenings in AWD. #styleAWD


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